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My storytelling goal: To build understanding and inspire action, through truth, clarity and engagement.


A little about Stephanie.

Stephanie Condon is a longtime multimedia journalist based out of Portland, Oregon. Stephanie is committed to crafting creative and compelling stories that empower people, bring people together and help them learn more about their world.  


She's currently a senior staff writer for ZDNet, where she covers business technology. She regularly speaks with business leaders -- for written articles, on-camera interviews and during live events -- about the challenges of adapting to the digital age. 


Before moving to Portland, Stephanie spent several years as part of the politics team in Washington, DC, providing both breaking news coverage and in-depth analysis of political and policy issues.


Stephanie also covered the intersection of technology and politics for CNET when it was a division CBS Interactive. She covered the 2008 presidential election for CNET, and she provided on-the-ground coverage of the use of technology at Inauguration Day 2009.


Before moving to Washington, Stephanie was a general assignment reporter for the Campbell Reporter, a community newspaper in the California Bay Area. 

Most of Stephanie's work appears as published articles, though she has also contributed to video packages, both in front of and behind the camera. She has provided commentary and news coverage for radio stations around the country, and she has delivered live presentations and moderated panel discussions.


Stephanie has covered just about every political and policy issue out there, from the presidential elections to FCC regulations. Some of her best work has been covering the health care reform debate, the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, and the Supreme Court. During the 2012 presidential campaign season, Stephanie reported from New Hampshire, South Carolina and elsewhere. 


Stephanie was born and raised in San Jose, Calif. and traveled just 40 minutes North to attend college at Stanford University. Stephanie is an avid traveler, with adventures taking her to Iceland, the Netherlands, Costa Rica, and to visit her extended family in Colombia -- but her fierce love of the American West Coast is unmatched. 


Since Stephanie and her husband Jon moved to Oregon, they've enjoyed getting to know their Southeast Portland community as well as exploring local parks with their two young boys. Stephanie also enjoys yoga, running and frequenting Portland's many delightful donut shops.

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