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A lesson from AgTech: How Bushel is digitizing farming without disrupting it 

July 1, 2021

With analytics and the right mindset, the AgTech firm Bushel is finding ways to modernize an old-fashioned industry without upending the processes that work. 

VMware CEO Raghu Raghuram is ready for more SaaS: Are his customers? 

August 27, 2021

VMware's new CEO is focused on accelerating the company's SaaS and subscription business -- the hardest part may be accommodating the customers taking their time moving off premise. 

After COVID-19, what happens to the grocery industry? 

April 24, 2020


The global pandemic thrust the grocery industry into a slap-dash digital transformation effort. Once the crisis is over, stores will need a modern, safe way to revive brick-and-mortar shopping, says Grabango CEO Will Glaser. 

Amazon asks: Where do you want to take Alexa next? 

September 25, 2019 

AI assistants are about to break out of the confines of the home and the smartphone: Amazon's latest announcements show the uncertainty and the potential that exists at this juncture. 

Atlassian's largest-ever infrastructure project: CTO shares lessons learned

March 19, 2018

Migrations are never easy, so when Atlassian moved its two largest products to AWS, it developed a set of best practices.

How SAP uses anthropologists to build better software

April 13, 2017


An in-house team of anthropologists has helped SAP improve SuccessFactors, its HCM software, by drawing out insights from users that regular market research wouldn't find. 


In GOP debate, Donald Trump is unpredictable and proud of it 

March 4, 2016 

Throughout the 2016 election season, I served as lead reporter during presidential debates. In addition to quickly writing breaking news articles during the debate, I was responsible for writing an article that provided the overall highlights of the debate and analysis of the night's developments. 

Florida man lands gyrocopter on Capitol lawn

April 15, 2015 

This is an example of a breaking news event that was completely unexpected. As the lead reporter for our political unit, I wrote up the limited information we had and published it as quickly as possible. I made several updates throughout the day, adding pictures and video that would make the story gain traction online. I kept the story updated until our Evening News team was ready to publish its own version.

As views on race relations dim, Obama grasps for historical context 

December 11, 2014


This analytical article helps readers put a series of news events into a broader context and offers an analysis of the president's reaction to those events.

5 possible outcomes of the Supreme Court Prop. 8 case

March 26, 2013 

The Proposition 8 Supreme Court case was highly anticipated, but the case was more nuanced than people may have realized. In this article, I  laid out the different options before the court as it considered California's gay marriage ban.

Why is Congress a millionaires club? 

March 27, 2012

This article helped launch a multimedia series about the influence of money in politics, which my colleague and I spearheaded for The article explains how Washington rules and campaign realities result in a Congress that's far wealthier than the American electorate.

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